If You Own a Website, Here are some SEO Myths You Should be Aware About

Myth: Increase your rankings by link building

Truth: link building only comes in handy for increasing your website ranking in SERPS. SEO is not based on link building. Just for the sake of earning quick profits, some companies sell link packages and trick people to building infinite fake links to increase rankings. As a matter of fact, such practices can cause penalties and a huge drop in the rankings as well. Hire best marketing agencies singapore to keep you apprised of such tips.

Myth: Off Page SEO is much more important than On Page SEO

Truth: website promotion is a much important task than merely writing content on the website. When it comes to on page and off page SEO, this aspect is what happens outside the boundaries of a website. In on page SEO, settings are applied to the website for better visibility and usability. The myth here is that people believe off page SEO holds more ground when it comes to gaining better rankings than on page SEO. Both the aspects are mandatory, but on site SEO is the one that holds better reasons to be deemed important. When working with your SEO campaign, the gist should be to make sure that on page SEO is done accurately and when it comes to SEO audit make sure that all the major issues are looked after and fixed.

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